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New Orleans 2021

Day 1 – Gettin in


I had the time and inclination to go out a couple of days before everyone else. I had several reasons for doing this, but most of them are personal and I’m not going to share them here. I flew out on Tuesday the 19th of October, 2021.

I arrived at the airport around 12:30p, parked my car, rode the shuttle, checked in, had another smoke, and then headed for security. Security was fast and easy. Grabbed a few snacks and headed to my gate. The flight boarded around 1:45p, I managed to get a row to myself, which was very nice. Watched ‘A Quiet Place’, looked out the window, and slept a little.

On arrival, I found a cab and headed straight for my hotel. My room was small, basically a bed, and a shower. There was a ‘desk’ mounted to the wall (about 12″ deep) that I set up my laptops on, and a fridge for my future sodas, so I was content. 

I left the hotel pretty quick and went across the street to a gas station. It was enough of a walk and already dark, so I was able to hit my pen a few times to get the proper headspace. I walked into the gas station and was immediately yelled at over not wearing a mask, which I realized was back at the hotel. So I walked back to the hotel, and then back to the gas station, got my necessary supplies, and once again back to the hotel.

Leaky and I wanted to get in a couple of games of LegionTD but the login servers were having issues, so we played some Underlords instead.  


Alaska 2021

Day 1

The flight out of SLC was scheduled for 9:10p (landing at 11:56p). After a bit of discussion about the new airport being ‘huge’ and my lack of experience with the new airport, I agreed to pick up godoloju and mandeez at 6:00p. Since I wanted a few minutes to adjust my headspace as close to the plane as possible, we decided I would drive to the airport, and they would ride in with me. Parked in economy parking and rode the shuttle in. We were done with all of that and in the airport by 6:30p. After security, we had a 1h30m wait, and I was reminded that the ‘two hours before’ is for the worst case scenario, and it never takes anywhere near as long as that.

The flight there was fairly empty, and I ended up with a row to myself, and there were a few empty rows on the plane. I haven’t had a chance to try out the wifi on planes, so I decided I would this flight. They wanted $10/hr for “streaming quality” internet. It was not. I watched some streamers on twitch most of the flight and had to adjust the quality down to 320×240 and 30fps to get it not to stutter. The flight was uneventful.

We landed, grabbed the rental, and left the airport all within 30m. It was after midnight, and Anchorage (at least the part we were in) was dead. We were lucky to find a gas station still open. We grabbed some supplies, had a smoke, and godoloju showed his charitable side by filling up a gas tank for a guy that was looking for a little help.


Rack – LED’s and paint

I’ve ordered some things. Well, lots of things. But nothing expensive. One of the things I ordered, was a LED strip set. See the pictures below.

I also bought some paint, I had a fluorescent green also, but the sprayer was broken off on it. I got them at home depot because I was worried about having them shipped, but their selection was shit. I’ve now ordered a few colors online. Put a bit of a rush on them because I think I want to unbolt the rack mounts from the sides, paint them, and put them back.

I like the blue on the metal, not sure about the silver, but I have kinda a plan for that, we’ll see. I can’t decide on a color for the lights, but I don’t have to anytime soon.


My New Project

More than once over the last couple of years I’ve thought “I need a server for this“, or “It would be really handy to have a test environment for this“, and being a little bored… I’m starting a new project. It’s probably more than I need, and you probably think I’m a little crazy. But I have the skills, know-how, and money to have a little fun with it. This project is meant to be a bit of a living, breathing project, that will change and adapt over time. I know how I want to start it, so that’s what I plan to do.

I’m going to keep a running total of the costs of this project. [Pricelist] A little later I’ll get a list of ‘wins’ or purposes that I used the rack for, so I can see the costs of these wins. This is mostly just a curiosity, I’m already confident that I’m doing this on the cheap.

I plan to use as much of the random equipment I have laying around as possible. Some of this will end up being a little dated. If it is too dated to be useful, I’ll replace it.

Costa Rica – The Pre-Trip

Costa RicaA group of us are all headed to Costa Rica the first part of 2021.  Like Feb/March.  We’re still picking out specific dates.

Its less that we’re traveling together.  More that we’re all traveling to the same place during the same 1-2 week window.

If your interested in the details, reply to this post, and I’ll get ya invited to the planning document.

Thailand Day 8 & 9 – We made the most of it

leaving the AirBnB, w/ Grams

This was the day we needed to catch our flight, sort of. Our flight was 15 mins after midnight, so technically it was the next day, but there was no need for hotel rooms. We were all packed up and on the van headed to the airport around noon. The ladies all gathered to say good bye, and we took a picture with Grams, she had maybe 15 of these hanging on the in the center area. The plan was to get to the airport, ditch our bags, and visit somewhere near the airport.

During breakfast, Godoloju was still not feeling great and said something to Grams about it. She left for about 10 mins and came back with a couple of different medications, one was their version of aspirin, and the other was I think either a powder or a paste that she mixed into a liquid. It was a dark color by the time I arrived on scene my guess is either coffee or water. Godoloju spent a minute or so arguing with her about it, not really wanting to take something unknown, but she wasn’t having it, and he ended up drinking it. My only thought was ‘lets hope that wasn’t a laxative’.


Thailand Day 7 – Islands and beaches

always raining

Everyone was up and eating breakfast by 8:30 am, with the ride to the boat at 9. There was apparently some miscommunication with Grams about the breakfast and a few of the things ordered never showed up. Godoloju had a rough night and spent much of it in the bathroom, with TheGopher trying to sleep in the room attached. TheGopher caught a pretty large spider in his room that crawled into a cup allowing him to take it outside and let it go. We googled it a bit and think its a Huntsman Spider, but are not really sure.

Before we headed out, someone asked if they had a laundry service and Grams said that they did. She told us to grab the hampers out of our rooms, to throw our laundry in them, and set them outside our doors. We all did, they probably had 6 or more loads to do.


Thailand Day 6 – The tides and the lady boys.

The sunsets were pretty amazing at the AirBnB

We had to check out and meet our ride to the AirBnB by noon, so most of us met at our hotel for breakfast around 10 am and we’re on the road by 12:15 pm. Its nearly a 3 hour ride from Patong to Krabi, and we had a nice air conditioned van for this trip. It was raining for much of the trip, but looking back, I wish we could have figured out how to do this ride on scooters. Not sure one way scooters are a thing though. We stopped once for a smoke and a pee break but the trip there was pretty uneventful, other than just looking out the windows, lots to see.


Thailand Day 5 – The jacket Jesus wore

Alternate Title: Hill of the Monkey’s – The Molestation of Bubbles

It was raining, hard.  We were finishing up breakfast at like 7:30 a when the email canceling our fishing charter came in.  This was the plan until around 6pm for the day, so now what.

My room hadn’t been cleaned since we got there so we headed to Godoloju’s room to try to figure out what we were going to do for the day. After several smokes and a couple of beers later, we decided on going to see Monkey Hill.  We found a Tuk-Tuk pretty quickly and we’re on our way.    It was a 40 minute drive and it was a pretty uneventful ride.

Hill of the monkey’s
As the driver slowed to a stop, we could see a small parking area and a lot of stray dogs.  Stray dogs are a thing in Thailand, idkwtf.   The road continued up the mountain, but there was a little gate and a security guard directing our driver to park.  We we jumped out and everyone was done using the facilities the driver or the security guard directed us up the hill.  There was a small cement bridge that was maybe 60 feet across that went over a ravine with a trickle of water in it.


Thailand Day 4 – In Soviet Russia, freak out has you.

more food

Alternate Title: If you want to end the night early, bring out the shots.

ComaD got up early and went Scuba diving, so he was gone for a big chunk of the day. Looks like he got a few photos. You’d better ask somebody.

Bucho, Bubbles and I went to The Coffee House for breakfast. One of the more American breakfast’s we had, while Godoloju and TheGopher were still sleeping it off. It was before 10am because we attempted to go to the Junglecylon Mall but it wasn’t open yet. So we took a walk down a side street that runs parallel to Bangla and then back to the hotel to meet up with Godoloju and TheGopher.

Here we split, and I can only tell you what I know of the other group’s experiences from the stories they told. Bucho, Godoloju and TheGopher went to get “manny petties” and a “good massage”. Bubbles and I went shopping for some type of sun hat for me.