Thailand Day 7 – Islands and beaches

always raining

Everyone was up and eating breakfast by 8:30 am, with the ride to the boat at 9. There was apparently some miscommunication with Grams about the breakfast and a few of the things ordered never showed up. Godoloju had a rough night and spent much of it in the bathroom, with TheGopher trying to sleep in the room attached. TheGopher caught a pretty large spider in his room that crawled into a cup allowing him to take it outside and let it go. We googled it a bit and think its a Huntsman Spider, but are not really sure.

Before we headed out, someone asked if they had a laundry service and Grams said that they did. She told us to grab the hampers out of our rooms, to throw our laundry in them, and set them outside our doors. We all did, they probably had 6 or more loads to do.

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the big spider

Still not really my fault
When I pulled the hamper off the shelf in the bottom of the closet, I turned around and took three steps, and then the closet door (w/ large mirror) fell to the floor and exploded. There was glass everywhere, all around me and my bare feet. I kinda just stood there as several people loudly asked what that noise was, and started to come to my room. Grams, Jen, and Lady #3 came running over and poked their heads into my room. After a quick examination of the room, Grams said something to Jen and they directed me to move out of the room. I took a few steps and thought that maybe I could feel a small piece of glass between two of my toes, so I was walking gingerly with the one foot. I dumped my laundry bag into the hamper, grabbed my sandals and stepped out of the room.

I walked over and sat at the large table in the main area and started checking for the glass. Out of nowhere, Jen shows up with some iodine and squats down and starts examining my feet and toes. Right then, I wish I’d had gone with the guys to get the manny petty. Jen spent much longer than I would have liked feeling and staring at my feet and toes. At one point, her finger tickled the bottom of my foot and I twitched, she noticed and instinctively did it again, and I twitched and giggled again. She got a bit of a devilish smile then, and tickled my feet one more time just to make me jump, everyone was standing around watching and got a good chuckle out of my ticklish feet. After telling her several times that I couldn’t feel the glass any more, and her inspection complete, she swabbed the toes area of my foot with iodine and seemed satisfied that I would be good.

Grams actually drove us to a small town maybe 5 minutes away, that consisted of like 6 buildings and a big concrete dock. There was maybe 10 random sized wooden Thai boats, a dozen or so single person kayaks and canoes, and 2 or 3 more modern, larger boats. There were several Thai people around, some selling things, some that looked like they were just hanging out. Also what looked to be a tourist group, also getting ready to get on a boat, they were just standing there, and we were directed to walk right past them, and get on our boat.

Long boat
Our boat was made of wood, and someone called it a ‘Long boat’, which stuck, google confirms. It was probably close to 30 ft long, had a large covered area, and then a driver’s area a the back. The covered area had a metal frame that was covered in rust but still strong, with random pieces of sheet wood covering the top. The sides we’re open but had plastic that could be rolled down incase of heavy rains. It felt 100 years old, but I would guess more like 30. The motor was a modified car motor, mounted a couple of feet off the deck of the boat. They used large plastic bottles, with a host running into the gas tank to fuel it, and the belts were all clearly exposed. Connected to the motor and hanging maybe 12 ft off the back of the boat is this super long, metal rod. I actually think its a pipe, but I didn’t get a chance to really look at it.. The driver has handles at his end with the motor, and uses the weight from the motor to swing and lift the rod with the prop being on the end of it. I’m not sure what the purpose of this long rod is, I feel like there are much more efficient ways of trying to accomplish whatever purpose.

The ride out to the islands was maybe 15-20 minutes, the skies had some clouds and it was pretty comfortable with the wind from the boat. We got to the first island and the driver prompted us to get out. We quickly discussed that we could totally just skip this, and asked the driver about fishing instead. His reply was “No big fish” and indicated with his hands that everything was going to be small, and then prompted us to get off the boat again. Somehow we figured out that there was kayaking on this island and a couple of the guys wanted to try this, so we got off the boat, paid our 300 TB ($10) each, and walked along a plastic, dock that was made up of these large, interlocking, plastic squares that floated. It was awkward to walk on, but everyone was fine, it just seemed very out of place.

a good panoramic of the first beach
our boat driver was apparently running us around in circles

Not The Beach
The beach on this island was probably 500 ft long and led up to a jungle like area with a small cafe and a few areas with benches and platforms. It was pretty amazing, these super high cliff islands going up around 50 ft and then being capped off by what looks like little chunks of jungle. This particular beach had cliffs extending out 100 ft on both sides, and a large stone (baby island) sticking up right in the middle of the half circle shape of the beach. Splitting the beach into two areas.

Link to these islands on google maps.

The kayaking was lame and was in an area that was like 100 ft squared, no one bothered. There was probably 50 people on the beach, swimming and sunbathing. A few of the guys went on a Nature walk that was short and populated with a few million mosquitos. ComaD also did some snorkeling here, said he saw some small yellow and black striped fish, a “needle fish”, and he talked about some pretty cool coral.

The next island was about 10 mins away, it was about 1/3rd the size of the first one and had a couple of little building son it and some really cool overhangs / cave areas right along the beach. It rained off and on while we were hear and half the group swam for a bit, while the other half hung out on the beach and smoked and talked. Except Godoloju, he apparently sat very still, trying to keep control of his situation.


The final island was apparently the first island, which I don’t think any of us realized but is pretty obvious when looking at the map. The bay that he took us two didn’t have a beach, it was just a large circle, maybe 300 ft around, and filled with water about 4 1/2 ft deep. Most of us got out and did a bit of swimming here as it was a cool place and the water was perfect. Nature had carved caves all around the cliffs, and there were large “ball sack” like mineral deposits hanging from the cliff sides. The opening to this cove was maybe 30 ft across and felt very much like a secret cave leading to a pirate cove, it was cool.

At this point, we headed back to the dock and our driver gave us a ride back to the AirBnB. I think they thought we’d be gone longer, but we got bored pretty quick, and Godoloju seemed to be getting worse. Back at the AirBnB Godoloju went straight to his room to moan and violate the toilet alone, TheGopher was getting a 2 hr massage, and the rest of us just kinda hung our at the table and in the pool until it was time to order dinner.

When Grams came out to talk to us about our dinner order, we were all very ready for food and had been discussing ordering multiples of everything we could think of. As we talked to Grams about it, the conversation kept wandering and at one point she just left. We had ordered most of what we wanted, but when the food showed up, there wasn’t really enough to go around, we would have eaten twice what was brought out, but we made due.

We just kinda hung out the rest of the night, discussing Godoloju’s situation and the travel home the next day.

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