Thailand Day 6 – The tides and the lady boys.

The sunsets were pretty amazing at the AirBnB

We had to check out and meet our ride to the AirBnB by noon, so most of us met at our hotel for breakfast around 10 am and we’re on the road by 12:15 pm. Its nearly a 3 hour ride from Patong to Krabi, and we had a nice air conditioned van for this trip. It was raining for much of the trip, but looking back, I wish we could have figured out how to do this ride on scooters. Not sure one way scooters are a thing though. We stopped once for a smoke and a pee break but the trip there was pretty uneventful, other than just looking out the windows, lots to see.

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The AirBnB uptopia
We were all kinda under the impression that the AirBnB was a house on the water’s edge with a pool, but it was way more than that. The entire place was a series of buildings, some joining, some separated. The bedrooms were one building off to one side and were like 4 hotel rooms, but without the hotel, hallway, and the cheep patterned carpets. The pool was tile and was always just slightly, almost, too cold. It had jets for the bubbles and a couple of elephants mounted around the sides. The main center area was made up of two rooms on the bottom floor and was missing several walls. It contained a big table that could have sat 10-12, or a kitchen area for cooking. There was an upstairs that someone said was under construction but was going to be a big game room. There was another building that was almost attached to the main center area, their corners almost touched. This was a small cafe/bar with 3 or 4 tables. There was also a small c-store up front by the road, and another small building between the cafe and the c-store that I assume is where the three ladies that ran the place lived.

awesome pic of the dock

It was a little complex on the shore of a huge bay that would drain every night when the tide would go out, and fill back up every morning when the tide would come back in. It looked to be about a 10 foot difference in water depth. The trees (Mangroves?) spent more than half their lives with the bottom 10 ft of them under water. It was awesome. The complex had a dock that went out maybe 100-150 ft and then had a small patio area. It had been there a while, but was still plenty sturdy. It was a pretty amazing view from the end of the dock, with or without the water. Islands that seemed huge, but were still too small to live on scattered about the horizon. It was awesome.

The tide went out that first night, and we crawled down some stairs to the ocean floor (?) below. There were thousands of these little tiny crabs in little black pointy shells that would crawl across the sand. They were pretty fast, but they’d go like 1 or 2 ft and then stop, and not move anymore. There were also thousands of Mangrove sprouts coming out of the ground. The random Jellyfish was also there, piled up nice and neatly on the ground resembling what I can best describe as a breast implant. I don’t think the images really capture how much they looked like breast implants just sitting there in the sand and Mangrove sprouts.

Across from the shore and on the other side of the complex was the road, and then what looked to be never ending jungle. The other side there were a few more house style resorts (?) kinda like the one we were staying in, each different, but they looked like they were setup to entertain. The last side of the complex was behind the bedrooms and a little fench, and looked to be an area that was cleared at one time, but the Jungle had spent a few years reclaiming it.

the only picture we have with any of the three ladies. Meet Grams.

Our Hosts
The older lady was probably in her 60’s and was obviously the boss, she spoke some English, and was able to carry a conversation, but there was some miscommunications. I’m going to call her Grams, cuss she reminded me of a great grandma. She was a very pleasant lady and went out of her way to be very accommodating. The next lady I got the impression that he was Grams daughter, but I can’t think of why. She was in her 30’s and friendly. She seemed like second in control, and even though she spoke very little English (and we couldn’t even get Thank you figured out in Thai), managed to joke and laugh with us. I’m going to call her Jen, because I don’t know a Jen currently and it seems like a ‘big sister’ name. The last lady was in her late 20’s, pretty shy, and spent a big portion of her time doing the maintenance and cleaning tasks, even though they all seemed to share the work. I’m going to call her Lady #3, cuss I’m not coming up with anything.

We got settled in and divided up the rooms, two of which contained two people. Those of us that got a room to ourselves, are very appreciative. It was pretty poor planning on our part not to find an AirBnB with enough rooms. Grams was curious about our plans for the evening, and after a bit of discussion called us a taxi to go into Krabi, another 30 mins away. (If someone has a pin for where precisely the AirBnB was, I’ll get a map added to this post.) While waiting for the taxi, she asked for our breakfast order and we made some plans to take a boat out the next day. The goal was to do some sightseeing and some fishing after a nice big breakfast.

The Big Fish in Krabi
The ride into Krabi was uneventful but pleasant in the air-conditioned van we were riding in. The driver had agreed to drop us off at the Big Fish, and when we were ready, pick us up at the Big Fish. I’m not sure any of us we’re really sure what that meant exactly, but when we saw the giant fish statue, it became pretty clear. The first thing we all noticed in Krabi was 4 or 5 very tall, overly dressed lady boys taking pictures with tourists on the opposite side of the street. There was no missing them, brightly colored prom or ball dresses that were cut high and low. They must have been tall to begin with, but then the 6″ heels made them seem Amazonian. We were there for dinner and quickly found a bar/restaurant with a open eating area on the top floor that overlooked the main road in Krabi. The food and atmosphere of the bar was pretty Americanized. We ate, drank, laughed, and discussed everything importantly pointless.

Several of the people in the group wanted to do a bit of shopping for some souvenirs and I think a flashlight for possible clam hunting, and the rest of us were down for a walk. We wandered up and then back down the main road in Krabi, which had very little in common with Patong. Krabi is the sterilized version of Patong. It was clean, the people were clean, no girls standing around, no girls sitting outside of massage parlors wailing ‘massaaaage’ and I think we only found one strip club, its door in the back of another bar, down a 30 ft pathway. When we were done, we contacted Grams to send the Taxi and went back to the AirBnB.

It was still pretty early, maybe 10 pm, but Godoloj’s stomach was already doing funny things, and he had started to complain about it. When we arrived back at the AirBnB, we ordered some food, drank a bit, and some of us planned to get in the pool. One of the foods we ordered were these wantons that were amazing. We ordered 2 orders which ended up being 8 total wantons. We would have eaten 50 if they’d been on the table.

Cicada of death
Sometime around here, there was an issue with a large bug, that I only got to hear about. Something about a murderous and very vocal Cicada. We’ll need to get TheGopher or Godoloju to tell this one.

We drank, got in the pool, discussed whatever we wanted and smoked too many cigarettes. I think for the most part we all turned in fairly early, hoping to get some sleep before being out on a boat all day.

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