my new project

More than once over the last couple of years I’ve thought “I need a server for this“, or “It would be really handy to have a test environment for this“, and being a little bored.. I’m starting a new project.   It’s probably more than I need, and you probably think I’m a little crazy.  But I have the skills, know-how, and money to have a little fun with it.  This project is meant to be a bit of a living, breathing project, that will change and adapt over time.  I know how I want to start it, so that’s what I plan to do.

I’m going to keep a running total of the costs of this project. [Pricelist]  A little later I’ll get a list of ‘wins’ or purposes that I used the rack for, so I can see the costs of these wins.  This is mostly just a curiosity, I’m already confident that I’m doing this on the cheap.

I plan to use as much of the random equipment I have laying around as possible.  Some of this will end up being a little dated.  If its too dated to be useful, I’ll replace.

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