Day 1 – Gettin in


I had the time and inclination to go out a couple of days before everyone else. I had several reasons for doing this, but most of them are personal and I’m not going to share them here. I flew out on Tuesday the 19th of October, 2021.

I arrived at the airport around 12:30p, parked my car, rode the shuttle, checked in, had another smoke, and then headed for security. Security was fast and easy. Grabbed a few snacks and headed to my gate. The flight boarded around 1:45p, I managed to get a row to myself, which was very nice. Watched ‘A Quiet Place’, looked out the window, and slept a little.

On arrival, I found a cab and headed straight for my hotel. My room was small, basically a bed, and a shower. There was a ‘desk’ mounted to the wall (about 12″ deep) that I set up my laptops on, and a fridge for my future sodas, so I was content. 

I left the hotel pretty quick and went across the street to a gas station. It was enough of a walk and already dark, so I was able to hit my pen a few times to get the proper headspace. I walked into the gas station and was immediately yelled at over not wearing a mask, which I realized was back at the hotel. So I walked back to the hotel, and then back to the gas station, got my necessary supplies, and once again back to the hotel.

Leaky and I wanted to get in a couple of games of LegionTD but the login servers were having issues, so we played some Underlords instead.