W00t!! w00t!! Members section is up and running.

Ok, for those of you interested in being members. Until I get the wardriving section back up, email me, lemme know your interested and we’ll go from there.

As for the wardriving section. Its gonna be a while. Mat and I we’re looking around, talking about what I would really like the wardriving section to be. Yeah, its gonna be a bit. There is some really cool mapping software out there. REALLY cool mapping software. Example 1, example 2 (on the 2nd one, type in a city and state and then play with the map}.

So yeah, untill we get that where we want it, wardriving is down. Shouldn’t be more than a couple of months.

Members area: added the keegchat (version of the aimbot mat wrote) for members only. Say what you’d like, add links, post whatever, I don’t care. Also added pretty much all the pictures I currently have that I am willing to post on the internet.

And I am thinking about buying a new domain name. Something dedicated to wardriving. Mat and I talked about it for a bit. Any suggestions for a domain name? Hook me up if you think you’ve got a good one.

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