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One more post for the day…

And galadriel has been busting her ass on the links. 

here ya go… 

Galadriel needs a date 

More than likely you can find at least one thing on this site that tastes like chicken 

eric conveys something 

The end of somethings aweful 

Someone get me this software… 

still no optional tazer attachment 

Can you say ew… 

Don’t forget the 

ding dong the $$$ grubbing whore is gone! 

he can lick my balls.. so can Moore 

Ok, I forgot why I hate Bush 

Still no Gotti however 

12ry old pimp, pimping 8yr olds. (these fuckers sold out, you have to run IE to get the video on this, at least I did)

Michael Moore facing the crazy Mormons

The controversy over Michael Moore speaking in Orem, seems to me, a classic example of mormons putting on the blinders and getting through life. I have never understood what this is about… when I was about 14 I figured out that there really were other religions in the world, and that the LDS church was in the minority in the world. It really blew me away and pissed me off. The LDS church doesn’t preach ignorance, but they seem to practice it. A classic problem of arming people with religion. 

Sean Hannity spoke at UVSC, where they hoped to bring political balance to the coming of Michael Moore. Evidently two nut job’s is considered balance. Although I must say that Hannity is a bright young right wing dickhead. 

Any way, I saw some sound bites of Hannity’s speech, I guess they chose sound bites to make him sound like an idiot? I haven’t been able to find a recording of the speech in it’s entirety… You can listen to the news cast that he endorsed on his website. (must have real one player, which by the way is a total pain in the ass to get) 

Fahrenheit 10/20 (City Weekly Article) 

Anti-Hannity Rally at UVSC 

The sound bite I heard on TV was Hannity going on about how Moore won’t show up to debate him, as if Michael doesn’t have better things to do… reminds me of the posters around campus that I see saying, “If you wear jeans on Tuesday you support gay rights”, it’s just stupid. 

Michael Moore Should Be Prosecuted! 



Why are people so heated about this stuff? They do not think that they can explain their point of view and have people listen? 

Any one have an extra ticket to see Moore?

Go on, take the money and run

So, for those of you that I haven’t whined to yet. I screwed up. While in my super intellegent web design ‘mode’. I managed to delete around 30+ hours of godoloju’s code. So…
Godoloju is cool, I am a loser
Godoloju is smart, I am dumb
Godoloju has a big wang, I have a little one
Godoloju is pretty, I should be on
Godoloju has friends, I have people that secretly wish I was dead
Godoloju gives it, I take it
Godoloju is a man, I’m a sissy bitch
Seriously, I feel super bad. I am hoping a public apology will make me feel a little better.

Next… small update to the weekend boredom pics.

Texas girl kills sleeping mother (thanks galadriel)
Salem schools mentioned in Iraq papers (thanks galadriel)
Disks in Iraq hold details about U.S. schools (thanks galadriel)

I have a bunch more links to post… but I can’t get to them at work, so I’ll add them to the thread later today.

Joe really went to Iraq (or nevada, hard to tell)

Pictures of Joe in Iraq
Prawn Sandwich Clock
xulplanet, xul, a mozilla GUI markup langauge (my friends website)
Woman fined for posting nude pictures
AOL putting out their own browser? PLEASE DON’T!
My Tery Cloth Hat!!!

I stuck all the events I posted yesterday into the “Conventions, Concerts” Forum.

So evidently every one hates the Dresden Dolls, or me.
How about Skinny Puppy… Otep?

Hey ya’ll!

Hello Everybody!

Our new backup server
These cars rock, i need one!
I had forgotten about this site till yesterday… ROTTEN.COM (not for the week, faces of death ring a bell?)

I highly suggest seeing “The Forgotten Carols”, it’s a christmas thing, and it really sets the mood for the holidays… (thnx u know who) If any of you are feeling particularly out of the xmas mood I will take you (i’m going 20 or 30 times).

Upcoming Events:(I moved this section of the post to the apropriate place)
Please see the following thread: Forum Index -> Conventions, Concerts -> Coming up 10-11 through 12-31

Your a liberal weenie, Im a right wing diiickhead!!

So, some new things are happening.

I’ve added a few accounts to the photos section, new people can now upload. Also has a hidden section for avatars if you’d like to put yours up on the site for faster indexing. If you want in on this, lemme know.

Also, once again, if you would like a email address, just lemme know, easy to setup, and allows hugh emails.

Notice the new link the right, site stats, it will pop up a little ‘security’ question, just hit yes or ok. Now you all can see the ‘growth’ of on your own. If you have a question as to what all those ‘stats’ mean, click the link at the bottom of the window it pops up, says Webalizer.

If you haven’t seen these, you need to.. props to and for hosting them.
This Land
Good to be in D.C.

Martha Stewart actually is doing her jail time. +4 point on her respect level. heh, she’s almost in the positives now!

The forums are blowing up. Always a good thing.

Oh, and if you’d like an offsite backup location, lemme know, its yours.

I want to bone this chick on tv…

So, I’ve been sitting on a bunch of links for quite a while. I was trying to think of ways to show them all to you. But never really figured a good one out. Not that I put much effort into it. Anyways here’s some links.

Even Microsoft thinks their browser sucks

Do you and Genghis go back?

Bout fucking time

Apparently Spider-man blows…

They just gotta get they’s greedy paws into everything

Im not the only one that thinks alcohol and technology go hand in hand

Whiney basterds just need to buy their own fucking domains

Game Cube to run linux

My new idol

heh… heh.. killer kangaroos

I really fucking hate these people

thats all for now.. fuckers.. oh.. and if you want to get on the new members list (you will not be grandfathered) email me. I will start a mailing list that will let you know when there’s actually updates.

Drunk on the plane.. nothing better

So I landed first class on the ‘longer’ section of my flight home this week. Hella sweet. On my 4th, thats right, 4th mini bottle of Jack. With plenty of arm room, plenty of leg room, a chair that makes you want to sleep, oh! and chocolate cake… mmmm…. admit it.. when you grow up, you want to be me.

Heh.. make that 5th…

slimserv is kinda annoying to design. The fact that I am color blind makes it super hard for me to tell wether or not certain colors look good with one another. Probably doesn’t help that most of the time when I am ready to work on it, I am drunk. But fuck it.. Drunk is good. Still working on keeg. Right now, I actually have to do all the work. Eventually I’ll have scripts to do most o’ this shit. But hey.. if ya get a chance, take a look behind the placeholder for slimserv (

shit.. im really getting drunk, we just start ‘our decent’ and like I got dizzy for a sec. heh. I’m sooo fucked. No way am i making it home this fuckered. Good thing I have another flight that i can sober (sleep) up on.

Peace out fuckers. Remember, My cock, is your straw.

Oh, and most links do not work yet Well, except the email. Hell, if you want a email, lemme know, i’ll hook your loose’n “i aint got no moneis for my own domian” having ass up with a ‘real’ email. Woot

Its bullshit that prostitution is illegal

ok, first off. I know that some of you consider yourselves my friends. So why is it then, that your not introducing me to the ‘head givers’ that you know. DAMNIT, I NEED HEAD. K, so now that I’ve stated that, you have 3 hours… get me head.

Next on my list of demands…. wait… just next…, my little corner of the net, proving once again, that I am cool, and you ‘non-haveing-real=web-space’ ass’s should be worshipping me. So kneel. Worship THIS.

But yeah, seriously,….. nothing here works, deal… i have 5 sites to get up and running asap, and i haven’t got a hole lotta time to get it done. So deal.. but hey, at least i have something back here right… RIGHT!

Email me with your bitchin’ and moanin’s and then go fuck yourself. heh.. god I really can be an onery bastage huh.

p.fucking.s. i dont like the way this looks.. yes i will be changing it… but i have to come up with a new fucking design…. so dont expect too much