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Sickness el Reyna

Unfortunately with my new truck came a new problem.
We’ll call it the ‘Sickness el Reyna’.

See, I bought my new truck. And it has a few problems and a few things that I want to change. Let me list them here quickly.
– When parked and idle-ing, stinks o’ gas
– engine light comes one randomly
– doesn’t have a straight axle in the front
– semi bald tires in the back
– no spare, jack, little spare ‘dropper’ arm

And so far, with every spare second of time I have had, I have spent researching these issues online and figuring out how to fix them. Also, I’ve been looking at a lot of 4 wheel drive mods for my truck. Hell, I even have a small part of me that is thinking about swapping out the engine.
point o’ interest ‘sickness el reyna’ or
do you understand what I am getting at here?
let me put it this way………. I had about 5 hrs in the hotel last night, Jacuzzi tub, hbo, skin-i-max, showme time, and high speed internet…… and i didn’t find time to look at porn online. just Toyota parts.
I almost didn’t even get in the Jacuzzi tub….
someone help me please.. I’m sinking… sinking… sinking…


My New Truck Fucking Rocks!!!

So, I haven’t updated in nearly a week. Blow me. Been kinda a weird week.

Got my new truck. Pictures of it here.

I absolutely love it. Ask anyone who knows me real well. I have wanted this exact truck for like 7 or 8 years. I just could never afford one, or the time wasn’t right, or I was being ‘too cautious’. But now I have it, its gonna make it so I don’t have a dime for defcon. But I have it.

I should probably find the mutherfucker who broke into my Mazda…. and shake his mutherfuckin hand. Buy him a cigar or some such shit. Ass head forced me into getting the truck of my dreams. heh… figures.

So whats new with me… nothing really, I can’t modivate myself past working on my new truck. I have no idea what I am going to do with my old one. I don’t want to give it to the junker people, but I only have 30 days to get rid of it, or I have to insure it.

I suppose I could get ‘parking’ insurance on it until I decide what to do with it. Or find someone to buy it. I just hate sending a running truck to the junkyard.

Sopranos Update: No Sopranos this week, damnit. FUCKING HOLIDAY.

Gonna be in Nashville this coming week, and it sounds like Chicago the next. Need anything?


Some cowraping beefteeth muther fucker…

So, some assfucking turd burger tried to steal my fucking truck last night. No shit. Tore the fucking steering column apart. Fucked up the ignition. Cut a bunch of fucking wires. And managed to get the truck around the corner and into the middle of 8th south before the steering column locked up. He nearly hit a fucking car. Thank god he didn’t or i’d be fixing that as well.
So yeah, I called, to get the ignition, I am looking at $200 to the dealer, and $50 to have it shipped from Korea or some such shit. And then, sense he cut the wires, instead of unplugging them, there’s a possibility that he shorted the ignition ‘something or other’ out, and also that ‘thingymagig’ both which are

Dealer: Kinda expensive
Me: How expensive
Dealer: Like 4 high priced hookers and a pound of your finest white dust expensive
Me: I would rather spend it on that
Dealer: Me too.

So, I am buying a new truck. Should get a call from the bank sometime tonight on whether or not I got the loan. They said it looked positive. And I think I found a good truck. V6, Toyota 4 Runner, 89, 2″ Body Lift, interior/exterior clean, high mileage $2995 asking price.
Hell, who knows, maybe the toothless redneck wetback that tried to steal my truck did a good thing, it’ll force me into a truck that I want.


My head looks like a tomato….

Yeah, so I’ve spent the last two days on top of a metal roof, in the sun. Being a redhead, yeah, my head looks like a tomato, and feels like a burnt tomato.

TV sucks. Nearly as much as me trying to learn perl. This fucking language is killing me. I will get it eventually however.

Updates:Fourms!! I got them working. Enjoy. And I changed my mind, if your not a member I don’t care, you can still be a member to the forums. That is if you don’t piss me off.

In Cali this week. However too fucking far from either the beach or tijuana to have any fun. Bullshit. I don’t really know why my boss sent me out here. He usually gives me 5 or 6 sites to fix. This week, 1.
————– update @ 11:10am —————————-
oh yeah, and I added some pics to the 365[dead link]

and some more to the Camera Phone Pix[dead link]


*yawn* I have a fucking sinus headache

Yeah, so I am in California this week. And I’ll probably have time to actually hit the beach. Which of course is hella cool. I’ll get some pictures. I don’t know if I’ll get to any updates this week or not, we’ll have to see how it works out.
Good News: I think I found a cheap maid for my place. Much more work will get done on my site if I don’t have to clean ;).

Soprano’s Update: This week was just twisted. Started out with a decent wacking. Which of course was entertaining, however it was invoked by Tony B’s wacking of that new york boy. I put my ear to the ground and I hear war coming. Then it moves over to Tony with his girly friend, which for the life of me I cannot find a picture of, which is really odd cuss she’s super hot. Yeah she ends up setting her own ass on fire. Like 2nd degree burns covering her entire top half. Fucks up that beautiful face a bit =). And then most of the rest of the episode was Tony dreaming. Fucking wild dream to. I am not going to even try to explain it. The best part of the dream however, Tony is bonnin’ Arite’s wife with Artie standin there cheering him on.

Now, I know my litte Sopranos update ain’t the best, and fuck you for saying so =), but if you must have a better update than what I have, you can get a full explanation of all episodes, from the original to current here

–Site Update–

  • Added Hex-Key Generator (good for WEP and other security Key’s) in the members section.
  • Added a Password Generator (Basically the same thing with different choices of characters) in the members section
  • Added a cheesy little Pop Quiz that cracks me up, in the members section
  • Added a coordinates script to this page (look bottom right and move yer mouse around)
  • Added a time script to the refresh on the members section, so that you know how long till keegchat updates ( look bottom right in /members)
  • Still trying to decide on which forums I want to use. I think I have a killer setup coming for the music section. Before it will be complete however, I am going to have to get my personal server up, and mat and I will have to get IP redirect working right. Cuss I can’t have you uploading and downloading mp3’s to mat’s ‘pay by the bandwidth’ server. And still looking into different calendars.


bit of an update to the site

As you can see, a few changes came about. I am going to have to create a section of my site dedicated to the different designs I came up with before I finalled out on the one above.

Whatta ya think anyway? Dig the clock? Get it and others here.[dead link]

Members section is getting a big update. COMING SOON.

Also, as you can see, I added a link to the pictures section from the main page here. This is to allow people like my mother and family to gain access to the pictures without having to ‘go through’ the members section. We all know how my extremely religious family would just love some of the things said or done in the members section. I may have to seperate the pictures that they would be interested in. (i.e. the pics of my kid) from the rest of the pics. If I do, I’ll link ya in the members section, don’t worry.

Forums are cumming. So is a section dedicated to music. I am learning css, which is pretty cool. I am still a bit confused by it. But I shall learn. The only time I really get is a couple hrs a night in the hotel, and sometimes a half hour here and there waiting for an electrician to show up.

So, I’ll have pictures, news, keegchat, forums, calendar, little links section, little music section, anything else you guys thing would be interesting to have on my site? I am terribly interested in knowing. let me know.


I want Tony Soprano’s life, or at least his women

DefCon is coming up. I am getting really excited for it. However, with this medical bill bullshit, I don’t know if I’ll have the money that I thought I would for it. A bit depressed about it. But I’ll make sure I got enough for the fun’s.
My raise finally kicked in.. sorta…
I want to buy Brandon’s laptop.. but I can’t afford it. Am I whining?
Soprano’s Update: Tony sends Crissy and the Cousin up to move some bodies. They got along great, making fun of Tony and everyone else, that was, until Tony showed up and then Tony & Tony turned on Crissy. Crissy’s panties got in a bunch and he left. Carmella (the wife) runs into her fling and tells him that she’s getting back with Tony, even though she’s not. I have no real idea why.
Tony beats the shit out of the bar dope again, like the third time in the series.. I cracked up laughin. The dude apparently ‘quit’ the bar.
And then there were two really awesome parts of the show, first… Tony: “They say revenge is like serving cold cuts”, therapist: “I believe the saying is ‘revenge is best served cold'”, Tony: “what’d I say?”
And the other, Tony’s psychotic sister started going to anger management, doing really well with it, starts to irritate Tony, so he purposely drives a knife (not literally) into her side just to get a reaction. And then he walks away smiling. Was funny as hell.
I just found out there’s only 3 episodes left. I’m kinda bummed about it. What am I going to center my life around now? ;-)
Oh and you dig my little clock? hehehehe… get it and more here.