Wifi is provided, but you use at your own risk.

I took my team to the Red Sky 2017 Security conference today.  Its local, fairly inexpensive, and gave my team some insight into what a disaster the current state of security really is.  You can do a lot, but a motivated individual will almost always find a way.  So the conference, decent swag, kinda limited, spose it was only a one day conference.  Continental breakfast, box lunch, free but limited sodas, and drinks (non-alcoholic of course).  Mitnick was entertaining, and most of the speakers in the separate talks were pretty good.  A few were a little dry, it may have just been a bit too warm.  My S4 camera is shit, so the pictures are mediocre at best, almost not better than nothing. They forgot to provide power (probably on purpose) but did provide tables, and wifi, including the required “this is a security conference, these are trained individuals, use the wifi at your own risk, we provide no security” (reminded me of defcon) but seemed like a cop-out to me.  I think I’ll go prepared next year to catch some packets and see if I can’t at least map the topology.

Enjoy a few pics – album here.


So there was one really cool thing on the conference floor.  ProtectWise. (protectwise.com).  So remember 25ish years ago, you were introduced to a movie called Hackers.  Stared that one blonde douchey guy and a young Angelina Jolie (lookin all hot in her skin tight outfits and boycut).  Anyways, there’s the ‘Hacking the Gibson” scene, where all the hackers are trying to occupy the security team with random viri while douchey McBlonde is stealing files off the mainframe (Gibson).  It looks like their flying through a virtual city made up of hundreds of perfectly square, see-through build… why am I trying to describe it, watch.

This movie made me want to be a hacker.  This movie made me love computers and all things tech.  This movie gave me a bit of a fetish for hot girls with boy-cuts.      :D

So ProtectWise.com, they’ve done it.  They have built this amazing dashboard for monitoring network data/log, using real time packet inspection and a lot more.  Think IDS/IPS with an amazeballs way to visualize it. And then… AND THEN.. they built an asset management system that is so close to the movie hackers, I got a lil chub.  Here’s a little key before you watch this video;

  • City is entire network
  • City blocks are departments / locations / network segmentation
  • Building is asset
    • shape is type
    • diameter is connections
    • height is users
    • colors are alarm based
  • flying sentinels are defined AI monitoring

Play this video:  https://www.protectwise.com/immersive/

He actually said “… so we have a prototype occulus rift version.  There’s video capture from the occulus version in this video…”.  I have a new goal.  I want to show up to work, walk into a dark room, put on my occulus, and do my best The Plauge impression, “your not good enough to beat me”.

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