I want Tony Soprano’s life, or at least his women

DefCon is coming up. I am getting really excited for it. However, with this medical bill bullshit, I don’t know if I’ll have the money that I thought I would for it. A bit depressed about it. But I’ll make sure I got enough for the fun’s.
My raise finally kicked in.. sorta…
I want to buy Brandon’s laptop.. but I can’t afford it. Am I whining?
Soprano’s Update: Tony sends Crissy and the Cousin up to move some bodies. They got along great, making fun of Tony and everyone else, that was, until Tony showed up and then Tony & Tony turned on Crissy. Crissy’s panties got in a bunch and he left. Carmella (the wife) runs into her fling and tells him that she’s getting back with Tony, even though she’s not. I have no real idea why.
Tony beats the shit out of the bar dope again, like the third time in the series.. I cracked up laughin. The dude apparently ‘quit’ the bar.
And then there were two really awesome parts of the show, first… Tony: “They say revenge is like serving cold cuts”, therapist: “I believe the saying is ‘revenge is best served cold'”, Tony: “what’d I say?”
And the other, Tony’s psychotic sister started going to anger management, doing really well with it, starts to irritate Tony, so he purposely drives a knife (not literally) into her side just to get a reaction. And then he walks away smiling. Was funny as hell.
I just found out there’s only 3 episodes left. I’m kinda bummed about it. What am I going to center my life around now? ;-)
Oh and you dig my little clock? hehehehe… get it and more here.

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