bit of an update to the site

As you can see, a few changes came about. I am going to have to create a section of my site dedicated to the different designs I came up with before I finalled out on the one above.

Whatta ya think anyway? Dig the clock? Get it and others here.[dead link]

Members section is getting a big update. COMING SOON.

Also, as you can see, I added a link to the pictures section from the main page here. This is to allow people like my mother and family to gain access to the pictures without having to ‘go through’ the members section. We all know how my extremely religious family would just love some of the things said or done in the members section. I may have to seperate the pictures that they would be interested in. (i.e. the pics of my kid) from the rest of the pics. If I do, I’ll link ya in the members section, don’t worry.

Forums are cumming. So is a section dedicated to music. I am learning css, which is pretty cool. I am still a bit confused by it. But I shall learn. The only time I really get is a couple hrs a night in the hotel, and sometimes a half hour here and there waiting for an electrician to show up.

So, I’ll have pictures, news, keegchat, forums, calendar, little links section, little music section, anything else you guys thing would be interesting to have on my site? I am terribly interested in knowing. let me know.


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