’s History

I’ve owned since the early 2000’s. Looking at WayBackMachine it looks like I started it in 2004.  For a long time it was like an early version of reddit for everyone I knew.  A place to share stories and pictures and have discussions about anything and everything.  I think at our peak, we had 30ish users.  I have always been the primary driving force behind  Which is precisely why it didn’t do much, I didn’t have much vision.  Mostly for me, it was just fun.  godoloju was the tech behind most of it.  He understood programming, and was dabbling in all sorts of things.

>V1.0 – The first version was really a completely static html disaster.  CSS wasn’t a thing in those days so even this version we had to all the colors and styles line by line.  I think I was changing the colors, style and layout everyday.  godoloju is actually the one who said “Dude, your doing this the hard way”. V1.0 (2004) V1.0 (2004)

 V1.0 – I totally forgot about this version of until I looked it up.  When you first loaded the page, there was a splash screen warning the user of explicit content, lol, but after like 5 seconds it just took them to the site anyway.  It had a script that rotated through random quotes from the internet that I found entertaining for one reason or another.  Looks like it didn’t archive all the images, I’ll have to see if I can dig any of them up.  Here’s a few of the quotes that I managed to pull from the way back.

  • You make my software turn to hardware ! — Geek pick-up line
  • Real men don’t use backups, they post their stuff on a public ftp server and let the rest of the world make copies
  • Sex is natural, but not if it’s done right
  • We put the F. U. in Fun
  • Powered By Mexicans

Tech: This version was still pretty ridiculous.  So we powered it using YaBB (Open Source Perl Forum) which is apparently still a thing.  I can now see why we chose it, its written in perl.  godoloju was was a junky for perl.  The homepage was made up of two pieces, a top layer that was static html that I could edit.  It contained the menus and the header areas.  The center content area however is another html page powered by a script that pulls from a particular forum (News) and printed it to the page.  This second page was loaded ‘into; the first page using an iframe.  Genius!

There was a section on the site called “Bitches & Whinings” that was apparently supposed to be some kind of rant session.  Unfortunately way back didn’t have any, my guess would be because I never did it.  But there was the initial “I’m explaining to you (more likely myself) what this is going to be” post.  Its kinda embarrassing to post here, there’s an image of it.  We also had the forums open to the public.  I was curious to see what kind of people would sign up.  Mostly it was just bots and people withing 2 steps of separation from myself.

I’ve collected the content that’s available, and I have the old databases, maybe..,


Some additional styles that I was apparently playing with, these all rely on basically the same structure,  except we ditched the iframe and added the perl script to the primary page.