Dec 262016

Merry xmas bishes.


I started the day with a lil Chaterbate (NSFW) and bratwurst & eggs.  Attempted some RimWorld w/o success for about 6 hours while it continued to snow and then attempted to dig my car out in the early afternoon.  My xmas morning didn’t actually happen until nearly 7:15p, and honestly I don’t think I could have asked for a better day.  Spoiled my kid rotten (cuss someone has too), and ate my weight in all bad (as in good?) things.

Godoloju came down after putting his kids to bed to have a drink and bullshit.  We ended up watching a stack of 21 Pilots videos, I think we both realized that we like them more than either of us had realized.  I know for a fact that I learned that about four songs I dig are all 21 pilot songs.  Surprised I didn’t put it together sooner.

For your entertainment purposes

P.S – JFrosty, upped yer privledges, you should be able to post now if you want to.  Ping me here if you want to post images, I’ll need to set some things up.

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