Aug 052016

This script monitors a folder of folders for when they were last touched.  It will email any that haven’t been touched in the last 7 days.

We have all of our machines in the network backing up to the same drive on a domain server.  Because many of our domain machines are laptops, they don’t always get their backups completed each week.  So we use this to monitor which ones didn’t complete, and then we have a guy who goes around and forces the completion of the backups during the next week.

Configuration Details:

  • We run this weekly in a scheduled task.  At the end of the week.
  • You must configure pathA and pathB
    • We have our backups split by laptops and desktops, so we have 2 path’s we’re monitoring.
    • Just remove the code below if you are only reading 1 directory.  Add if needing more.
  • You must configure the email details in the script
    • $Subject
    • $EmailUser
    • $EmailPass
    • $EmailFrom
    • $EmailTo
    • $SMTPServer
    • $SMTPPort

The output:

email output

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